Alex Flannel

Alex Flannel eating a grilled cheese in a diner.

Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m a composer and music producer for all sorts of media, including video games and theme songs for YouTube shows.

I’m also 1/2 of Spellboundfire with co-producer Travalor, where we create modern music with lots of vibrant collaborators.

If you’d like to get in touch or collaborate, you can always email me at


I have fond memories of every project I’ve worked on. Nothing beats a great collaboration. Through these projects, thousands of players have heard my music across the world. It’s a weird thing to say, but, ya know, the Internet.

Bonus Action

Hail and Well Met

Ludicrous Text Adventures: Worthless Dirt Boys (2021)

“Dirtville (Day Theme)”

“Dirtville (Night Theme)”

“Game Day!”

FrostRunner (2019)

“Ice Flow (Main Theme)”

Garden Life (2020)

“Day Theme/Night Theme”

Blood Bath & Beyond (2020)

The Customer is Always Dead

Interstellar Racing League (2018)

“The Race Chooses You (Main Theme)”